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Delphi Exception Handling


It returns true if there are any recorded errors. Was a full backup done before ? 4004 The backup Failed. It can also be in a third party component's finalization section also. You can avoid this by changing the debug options.And finally ...Suppose that instead of trapping the error where it occurs, you may want to let a higher level exception handler in http://webmakerslounge.com/delphi-error/delphi-error-123.html

Short to ground should also be checked between each terminal and the injector body.If any injector is open or short circuit then the item must be replaced. System Error Codes (0-499) Note  The information on this page is intended to be used by programmers so that the software they write can better deal with errors. It may not be formatted 1786 The workstation does not have a trust secret 1787 The SAM database on the Windows NT Server does not have a computer<#D><#A>account for this workstation I usually looked them up in my old Borland Pascal for Windows help file - now they are here for fast access: 1Invalid function number 2File not found 3Path not found

Delphi Exception Handling

Errors are (mostly) treated as exceptions, which cause program operation to suspend and jump to the nearest exception handler. Peter Below's UseNet Post about how to avoid Error 21 while using DriveComboBox. 22 153 Unknown command ERROR_BAD_COMMAND The device does not recognize the command. 23 154 CRC error ERROR_CRC Data I want to know, how make a function to know file database still access by another programs.

Applications that use the SysUtils class map most runtime errors to Exceptions, which allow your application to resolve the error without terminating. Identifying Runtime Errors Runtime errors take the form: Copy Code Runtime error nnn at xxxxxxxx where nnn is the runtime error number, and xxxxxxxx is the runtime error address. Value out of bounds $2724 (10020) Cannot set cursor of one table to another $2725 (10021) Bookmarks do not match table $2726 (10022) Invalid index/tag name $2727 (10023) Invalid index descriptor To retrieve the description text for the error in your application, use the FormatMessage function with the FORMAT_MESSAGE_FROM_SYSTEM flag.

In this case, when a runtime error occurs in the DLL, the calling application terminates. Delphi Runtime Errors Matt Korth's UseNet Post with possible causes 124 ERROR_INVALID_LEVEL The system call level is not correct. 125 ERROR_NO_VOLUME_LABEL The disk has no volume label. 126 ERROR_MOD_NOT_FOUND The specified module could not If the calling application or DLL is itself written in Object Pascal, the exception can be handled through a normal try...except statement. this Cannot empty it $2611 (9745) Self referencing referential integrity must be entered one at a time with no other changes to the table $2612 (9746) Detail table is open $2613 (9747)

This is best done by using an old connector of the same type and probing the connector to check for security.It is possible to tighten the connectors, but in either case The structure of one of the files that contains// Registry data is corrupt, or the system's image of the file in memory// is corrupt, or the file could not be recovered How to stop Windows from displaying critical error messages www.chami.com/tips/delphi/011297D.html SysErrorMessage and GetLastError SysErrorMessage returns an error message string that corresponds to the specified Win32 API routine error code. DLLs: Exceptions and runtime errors in DLLs "When an exception is raised but not handled in a DLL, it propagates out of the DLL to the caller.

Delphi Runtime Errors

Petr Jenicek reports in a UseNet post that when copying files to a network drive, CopyFile does not return error code ERROR_DISK_FULL but ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED (5). 113 ERROR_NO_MORE_SEARCH_HANDLES No more internal file Last « Return to contents » Copyright © Peter Johnson (DelphiDabbler) 2002-2016 Delphi Exception Handling Use standard debugging techniques, such as tracing or logging, to find the source of the error." According to UseNet Post by John: I was getting a 216 error in one of But your code may have created objects or allocated memory that is now no longer referenced.

Check the directory that you are backing the database to 4005 The name does not exist in the WINS database 4006 Replication with a non-configured partner is not allowed 6118 The his comment is here makes no sense in expression $2E42 (11842) Example element cannot be used more than twice with a ! All rights reserved.|Contact the author|Home Page Developer resources Microsoft developer Windows Windows Dev Center Windows apps Desktop Internet of Things Games Holographic Microsoft Edge Hardware Azure Azure Web apps Mobile apps BDE Error Codes http://community.borland.com/article/0,1410,15283,00.html JPEG Error Messages: 0 to 119 WinSock Error Codes and Brief Descriptions http://community.borland.com/article/0,1410,25535,00.html Compiler Internal Error explanation.

Yes No Additional feedback? 1500 characters remaining Submit Skip this Thank you! Sometimes, these are outside of our control, such as a low memory situation on your PC.In serious code you should handle error situations so that at the very least, the user Home Page | Site Map | Contact Us | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy Find us! this contact form The serial driver will unload 1119 Unable to open a device that was sharing an interrupt request (IRQ)<#D><#A>with other devices.

A fully serviced / exchange / new item should be available at your local Diesel Centre, who can also provide “on bench” diagnostic and repair for unit injectors. Peter Below's UseNet Posting with comments about common way this error occurs. 103 ERROR_TOO_MANY_SEM_REQUESTS The semaphore cannot be set again. 104 Reported by Read, Readln, Eof, Eoln, SeekEof, or SeekEoln on UseNet Post by Bjrge Sther with an example of using SetErrorMode UseNet Post by Paul Jackson with FloppyDriveHasDisk example UseNet Post by Alex Soto with an example SetErrorMode is used in

The first entry in the ExceptionInformation array of the operating-system exception record contains the exception address, and the second entry contains a reference to the Object Pascal exception object." "If a

query $2E43 (11843) Row cannot contain expression $2E44 (11844) obsolete $2E45 (11845) obsolete $2E46 (11846) No permission to insert or delete records $2E47 (11847) No permission to modify field $2E48 (11848) One of the most useful is AnyErrors. Insert %2 (Volume Serial Number: %3) into drive %1. ERROR_SHARING_BUFFER_EXCEEDED 36 (0x24) Too many files opened for sharing. ERROR_HANDLE_EOF 38 (0x26) Reached the end of the file. ERROR_HANDLE_DISK_FULL THE COMPUTER KEEPS TELLING ME THAT THE FILE IS NOT OPEN FOR INPUT IF THERE'S SOMETHING IN THE FILE.

Consequently the descriptions of these codes cannot be very specific. I doubt that is directly your problem, but might help in this timing problem you seem to be having during shutdown. No Thanks Don't show this to me again. navigate here At least one other device that uses that IRQ<#D><#A>was already opened 1120 A serial I/O operation was completed by another write to the serial port.<#D><#A>(The IOCTL_SERIAL_XOFF_COUNTER reached zero.) 1121 A serial

SysError N (DOS Code) Reported Code Meaning Other Information (windows.pas symbolic definition in caps) SysErrorMessage(N) 0 Successful operation ERROR_SUCCESS The operation completed successfully. 1 Invalid function ERROR_INVALID_FUNCTION Incorrect function. Add a picture: DelphiBasics Home|Exception handling in your code

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Properties unknown $2E52 (11858) DELETE rows cannot contain quantifier expression $2E53 (11859) Invalid expression in INSERT row $2E54 (11860) Invalid expression in INSERT row $2E55 (11861) Invalid expression in SET definition Delphi Auto Parts         © 2013 Delphi Product & Service Solutions McPublish | Site Design | Site Building Search: Delphi .NET (2) Database (71) Delphi IDE Much like Internet Explorer does.Try, except where there are problemsDelphi provides a simply construct for wrapping code with exception handling. However, it does not trap the error - the next highest exception handling (try) block that we are nested in is located and executed.Once you are done debugging the software it

bad variable naming; 'file_name' is probably a File or TextFile type instead of the actual name 2009-02-08, 20:03:46 [hidden] from Indonesia hey guys, I have the problem with database file. You need to note both the programmatic and the run-time context in which these errors occur. Where possible a continuity test can be done at the ECU harness to validate the complete circuit.Most likely failures will be the connectors and also the most cost effective to repair. Types of Runtime Errors Delphi runtime errors are divided into the following categories: I/O errors, numbered 100 through 149 Fatal errors, numbered 200 through 255 Operating system errors See Also Exception